Barrakam in Lycia

Wild Iris flowers in Çukurbağ

Wild Iris flowers in Cukurbag

For millions of years an ancient conversation has continued between the chorus of the ocean and the silence of the stone…”
(John O’Donohue, Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World)

We are retired and live in Çukurbağ (Chewkurbah) Village, a quiet place. Our village is close to Kaş (Kahsh) in the Lycian Region of the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey.

We are a couple who met on the Internet in 1999. He moved to Istanbul from the United States in 2000 to be with her. We each have a daughter from a previous marriage. One lives in Istanbul and the other in Brussels, Belgium. We have four kats and I call them our Katzenjammer Kids.

Come see us, here’s a map…

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