Creative smokin’! (Beware it can also kill)

cigarette and ashtrayTurkish smokers are frequently clever and resourceful at avoiding the new nationwide smoking ban.

For example take a look at this article which states in part:
Turks, including café owners, understand the reasoning behind it and support it, some have devised ways to follow the letter of the law but still indulge in their guilty pleasure…some have already found ways to circumvent the ban…an owner of a coffeehouse…drilled two holes in a window and passed a thin hoses through each. A lit cigarette is attached to the outside end of one hose, enabling the customer to smoke the cigarette from within the coffeehouse. To exhale, the smoker uses the second pipe…his customers are quite happy.

Unfortunately…Smoking really does kill in more ways than one.
smokingkills like a loaded gun
A restaurant owner in southwest Turkey was shot dead after he tried to prevent his customers from smoking to comply with a new law on the use of tobacco indoors, Hurriyet daily said on Thursday. (Reuters)

Fines for smoking in TurkeyTurkey started a comprehensive, country-wide smoking ban almost anywhere that a roof exists. The Turkish government has hired over four thousand officials to enforce this ban. First time offenders may get off with a warning, repeat offenders are fined and an establishment which allows smokers can be heavily fined or even closed down. The prime minister is a known anti-smoking “crusader” and is serious about enforcing this ban. It is estimated that over 100,000 deaths occur annually as a result of tobacco related problems.

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