Are Flesh Eaters Ruining Our Planet?

Mahatma Gandhi“…man’s supremacy over the lower animals meant not that the former should prey upon the latter, but that the higher should protect the lower…” –Mahatma Gandhi, “Experiments in Dietetics

Perhaps you are one of these flesh eaters yourself and you were never told how much of an ecological disaster this can be? If so, then please continue with this article and see what choices you can make to keep your planet safe and live a healthier life.

If you call yourself an animal lover and yet you eat animals, you might try to be more descriptive about what you call yourself. You may be a dog, cat or dolphin lover, but if you eat the flesh of other animals, how can you say you love all animals? Animals are our friends, people who love animals do not eat them.

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle which many vegetarians believe can literally save the world. There are many reasons why you should not eat the flesh of animals and why you should be a vegetarian. If you like animals, if you care about your health, if you are concerned for the health of the ecology and environment of our world, then please read on.

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Vegetarianism is Easy

It is easy to become a vegetarian immediately and without extra fuss or difficulty. Some people are concerned they may not be able to stop or even cut down on their consumption of animal flesh. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take a look at the following two articles and let your favorite search engine carry you on to a full vegetarian lifestyle.

Want to Stop Eating Meat? 10 Healthy Tips to Go Vegetarian tells us that the “health benefits of becoming a vegetarian are numerous: a lower risk of diabetes and cancer, better heart health and making the transition is easier than you think…Adopting a vegetarian diet, a plant-based diet that eliminates all meat, doesn’t have to happen overnight.”

A young blogger started this fun page called How to Stop Eating Meat. “Have you ever tried to stop eating meat, but still wanted it? This article will help.”

Becoming a vegetarian can be fun by discovering the many varieties of tasty and nutritious meals. Many former flesh eaters are concerned about their health as well as the variety of their diet. Their anxiety is quickly alleviated as they start to find vegetarian plates in ordinary restaurants, fully vegetarian restaurants and great and easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes for home cooking.

Vegetarian Recipes

Vegetarian cornucopiaYou may be surprised at the variety of simple and easy to prepare lunches, dinners, snacks and other life-style enhancing meals. A vegetarian does not just eat “salad” all the time. These Easy Vegetarian Recipes may help

The venerable Vegetarian Times has a variety of recipes to meet the demands of surely every palate. “Welcome to the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes! Here you’ll find thousands of the best vegetarian and vegan recipes from features and popular departments in the magazine, each one prepared, tasted, and approved by editors in the VT test kitchen.”

The UK feeds its people on more than fish and chips. This site called Great British Chefs has an entire section on vegetarian meals. They write “There is no need to resort to the same tired dishes for cooking for vegetarians anymore, as with this collection of stunning dishes you will be able to satisfy both meat eaters and vegetarians bountifully.”

And the folks at the BBC have a web site called GoodFood which writes “Gone are the days of predictable vegetarian lasagna and stuffed peppers try out our fresh ideas.”

Last but not least, the animal rights folks at PETA also have some great tips on how to eat healthy as a vegetarian as well as recipes and other items. Their page called How to go Vegan includes “What to Buy”, “What to Make”, and “Where to Eat.”

OK, so you now know that being a vegetarian does not sentence you to a lifetime of eating limp salads. Fair enough but what are some of the reasons why so many people become vegetarians?

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