Hoyran of the Lycian League

Hoyran Gate

Hoyran Gate

From our village in Kaş, ancient ruins of Lycian and other cities are seemingly everywhere. In one easy day, a visitor can visit both Kyaenai and Hoyran and in the late afternoon have coffee, tea or something to eat at Hoyran Wedre, a rustic cluster of modern cabins and restaurant, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

We decided to drive directly to Hoyran and visit rather than walk up. From where the road seems to end at a cluster of houses it is a 10 minute walk to the first sighting of tombs and another 10 or so to reach the top overlooking modern Kekova.

Hoyran Overlooking Kekova

Hoyran Overlooking Kekova

According to local archaeologists, the sarcophagi date from the late Hellenistic and Imperial period. There are several wine presses, carved from rocks and water reservoirs which evidently represented an industry in the region. A trip well worth the effort.

We posted a series of photos of both the Hoyran ancient ruins and Hoyran Wedre on our Picasa Photo Album.

I found the articles below about Hoyran, unfortunately, the city seems not to have been written about as much as many of its contemporary and more famous Lycian cities.

10 places to explore in the Lycian region this springtime….by Dean Livesley: “Hiking in the hinterland of Central Lycia, the first walk explores the ruins of Kyaneai descending across the Yavu plain. The route continues through village hamlets to the idyllic setting of Hoyran. From the ruins a breathtaking view over the whole Kekova region ends the days walking.”

In the bosom of the rocks Hoyran – Skylife magazine: “According to antiquity researcher Bilge Umar, the name of the site, which is perched on a rise overlooking the Mediterranean, means ‘land of the mother goddess’. A portion of the ruins, which tell the millennia-old story of the ancient city, are inextricably intertwined today with the village houses. ‘Grain silos’ in the shape of Lycian tombs.”

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