Race in Amerika

Racism Amerika

Racism in Amerika

A friend of mine wrote me recently the following:
“Sometimes Fred comes across as a racist asshole, but he’s often right, as in this case, even if deep into hyperbole.”

My reply was; my first impulse upon reading some of Fred’s rants on race were to agree with you. Now, I am no longer willing to believe he is anti-Black so much as he is pro-Education.

If you read his other rants, he believes education is going down the tubes for literally everyone in Amerika including (especially?) Whites. One of his columns talks of Asians who excel because, generally, they value learning and do their homework.

Here are some of Fred’s article which deal with race, there are others: White Girl and
Race Hucksters. In another article called White Demise he writes “If America were the only country on the planet, as many Americans seem to think it is, then affirmative action might be a supportable inefficiency, something like a golf handicap. But America is not the only country. Japan, China, and South Korea among others are full of smart, industrious, and ambitious people who are absolutely able to compete against the US. They are not going to cut us any slack. Their percentages of high-end talent are not falling. They don’t do heartwarming social policy.”

“Yes, yes, I know. I will get stupid mail from stupider people saying that I am a white supremacist. No. I am a brain supremacist. If the entire faculty of Harvard came to consist of Jewish Koreans from Mumbai, I would be perfectly content, assuming they got there on merit. Or even if they came from New Jersey.”

Black Men in PrisonI have seen that, unfortunately for many young black males, going to prison has become a rite of passage, a manhood test. The documentary called “Scared Straight” shows a group of juvenile delinquents who were taken to Rahway State Prison for a session with actual convicts who berate, scream at, and terrify the young offenders in an attempt to “scare them straight” so that those teenagers will avoid prison life. Amongst the inmates there was this macho posturing and it showed them when they were released being treated as returning heroes by other young males from “the hood.” In private, while in prison however, their machismo let go and the camera caught some of them in bitter self-recrimination.

If anyone else has a really good idea how to end this problem, I hope they will please enlighten the rest of us. When I was doing anti-military and anti-draft counseling during the war, I had to deal with a lot of black males whose (draft) number was up. They were usually unable to find good reasons for exemptions because they were 1) Black 2) lacking diplomas 3) unable to read or write well 4) did not believe “the man” was going to let them out of “the war” no matter what they did (a heavy fatalism) and other reasons. I worked long and hard with the black community during that time and we all thought we could help find solutions to the problem of black male unemployment, crime and illiteracy. 40 years later it only seems to have gotten worse and the white middle-class is scared out of their wits about “moozlems” (who are thought of as being brown Arabs) and black males. If you have seen the profound and disturbing film called Crash, then anyone who came away from that might be excused for not thinking a solution can be found.

Perhaps the Amerikan experiment is a failure, a multi-cultural, multi-racial, “democracy” may not be possible.

National ServiceIf I were a benign dictator and IF I gave a shit about Amerika going down the toilet, I would institute a two-year compulsory national service for every male and female which would start as soon as they left high school. They would do public works (to be defined), live in cabins or tents of minimal accommodation, be required to grow their own gardens for subsistence, have daily calisthenics coupled with yoga, meditation and a martial art. TV would be forbidden except as an educational instrument and they would not be allowed to smoke nor drink alcohol or take other than prescribed drugs. Theirs would be a quasi-military existence. Those who could read and write and research would, under educator supervision, be compelled to assist, in evening classes, those who could not and attempt to elevate those who could not into those who could. NO ONE would be exempt from this service regardless of privilege, race, religion or gender. Even those in wheelchairs or who have other such disabilities would be required to participate. I would use 3/4 of the military budget to pay for this service. At the end of their two years, every one of them would be required to take college entrance exams, aptitude and other such tests, along with counseling, to advise and attempt to assist in career decisions. Those who qualified would get their first two years of college free with the final two years under scholarship if they had successful college performance. Others could go into job training programs at local community colleges free of tuition and fees.

I would create the same program of two-year compulsory service for all non-violent “offenders” in jails and prisons. They would be promised early release from long sentences if they performed well in literacy and other evening educational programs.

These are short and simplistic explanations of a complex social program but in any case, Howza bout dem apples??

See these articles also:
The Plight of Young Black Men is Worse Than You Think. Some of the so-called “solutions” in this article are almost laughable if they were not so fucking stupid and serious in their consequences.

Black Working WomenAnd see this one: Black Women Continue Making Job Gains. Black women try harder and they do not have male supremacy/macho posturing to deal with and they are also the ones who have to make a living for their children.

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