Science and Artificial Intelligence

I find it difficult to believe that the progeny of the scientific community which brought us germ and gas warfare and later the atomic and hydrogen bombs and other military madness (remember WMD’s and Saddam Hussein?) can do little but move us more rapidly toward our own destruction. All species will have or have had their time on earth, when is the reign of humans to be over?

The two articles below I find profoundly disturbing much the same way I do when I read about cloning experiments, DNA research, and other “scientific” experiments.

Self-Taught: Software That Learns By Doing
“The problem is, software is becoming larger and larger and less and less manageable. So there’s a trend to make software that can adapt itself.”

Palm founders start artificial intelligence company
“My goal at Numenta is to put my brain theory into practice,”

Skynet (don’t let the first two quotes stop you from reading on)
If you have not seen the Terminator films you should see I and II, especially II but it makes more sense if you have seen the first one.

Read the document below carefully and fully, take into account the nature of the military, couple that with the inquisitiveness of the scientific community and the rich rewards they reap when given government grants and the following scenario is not far necessarily science fiction any longer.

Artificial Intelligence Controlled Network Defense Computer System
Strategic Air Command – NORth American Aerospace Defense
Strategic Initiative Artifint under the overview of the USTACCC- United States Tactical Aerospace Command Communication and Control
“SKYNET achieved a new order of intelligence, it became sentient. SKYNET awakened, its awareness expanded and the newly born machine intelligence tried to interact with its creators. It had questions. It needed answers.”

And finally, if that does not make you paranoid…

The below is from, sci-fi but still we should think about what we as humans are doing to our future…

Robots becoming self-aware?!

If we remove the structural difference between biological and artificial brains, the question of artificial consciousness can only become religious. If human consciousness is determined by divine intervention, then clearly no artificial system can ever become self-aware. If, on the other hand, human consciousness is an electrical neural state spontaneously developed by complex brains, then the possibility of realising an artificial self-aware being remains open. If consciousness is a physical property of the brain, then the question becomes, when will a computer become self-aware?

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