The sun shines on Turkey

The rain stopped for most of the day and the sun came out and we left the refuge of our village house for a bit of the “high life” in Kaş. During the off tourist season (winter) Kaş is actually kind of boring although the British seem to find it delightful no matter what the weather. It is getting cold tonight, down to about 5 C (41 F), we are staying close to the fire.

We live in a renovated stone village house which is over 80 years old with walls of stone about 62 cm thick. We have installed a steel fireplace insert in the location of the original open stone fireplace. Brrr..

Turkey is my “adopted” country of choice. I am off a Kansas farm in the United States. I am married to a Turkish woman and we met on the Internet. I belong to a widening community of expats and I do not expect to live in the US again.

We used to live in Istanbul we later moved to Kaş on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and now live in the small village of Çukurbağ village a few kilometres outside of Kaş.

Turkish people are friendly to a fault. You cannot refuse their offers of hospitality without greatly offending them. They can be great friends, formidable enemies and confusing business people. This country has a history as old as it gets and many of its people are as modern as you think you are.

The very first Christian communities were spawned in what is now a country of mostly Muslim people. The government of the country is NOT Muslim although the AKP, the current majority political party in the Parliament has its “roots” in Islam, akin to the Christian Democrats in Germany.

Turkey’s military is one of the mightiest in the entire region (including most of Europe). There are many, different and varied shades of Islam practiced here, similar to the differences between Catholics and Protestants in the Christian community.

Most US citizens are profoundly ignorant of Turkey and its people. I was, and you may be equally and possibly, blissfully, ignorant as well.

The Ottoman Empire reigned for over 600 years and the Mediterranean was almost its “lake”. The Turkish people are both proud of and sensitive about its Ottoman past.

The Ottoman Empire was finally overthrown by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk during the revolution of 1923. Atatürk made the cover of Time Magazine in 1923.

Currently Turkey is being held accountable for an alleged massacre of thousands of Armenians during WW I during the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish government has written extensively on the issue.

The events surrounding the loss of so many Armenian lives during WW I may never be fully brought to light. However, even if it were well documented, it would pale to insignificance with the willful destruction of the Indian people in the Americas starting with Columbus and ending at the Massacre of Wounded Knee whereby well armed and well fed US troops killed hundreds of nearly frozen and starving women, children and old men.

At least 5 million Indian people were killed with some estimates ranging over 15 million. No one knows for sure how many Indians were on the North American continent when Europeans first appeared. What is known is that during those 400 years the primary objective was either the enslavement, the removal to undesirable lands or the deliberate murder of the Indian people. Even “biological warfare” (a contemporary Weapon of Mass Destruction) was waged by US federal troops who gave the Indians smallpox infected blankets from which they had no immunity. Indian people were systematically murdered or driven out of their ancestral homelands by the encroachment of the white man, many of whom were, in a cruel twist of fate, escaping genocide or repression in their native country only to come to the US and wage that same repression upon the red people.

I hope you have a nice day…

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