What If Unix, Windows, Linux And OS-X Were Houses?

Victorian MansionUNIX is the old Victorian Mansion
It was the first of its kind and set the standard for all things to come. It is still considered one of the most solid and stable houses ever built since it was built by compliant construction practices freely available to anyone who wants to see them. It’s incredibly solid foundation allows it to be expanded upon and added to. This foundation has led to many other houses being built the same way and with the same compliance and care.

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Government HousingWindows is like Government Housing
There is only one architect, the builders are only allowed to use one plan, and the house residents are forbidden to see the plans, the quality of the construction, or anything about how the structures were built. The houses are built quickly, cheaply and go up anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately their purchase price is so high, no one can afford them without a subsidy from Dell, Sony, Toshiba or other “constructors.” The foundation is shaky at best and anytime you hang a picture, you worry about knocking the entire house down.

Unfortunately since they were all built so cheaply, you end up spending twice as much later to keep the place standing. You constantly have to call a special exterminator, who is very expensive, to get rid of the bugs which come back as soon as the exterminator leaves. Every time you want to remove a piece of furniture, you run the risk that you will weaken the structure of the house since the basic furniture is built-in to the foundation. You also need a special, experienced, and expensive locksmith to keep burglars from freely roaming throughout your house. They either weaken the structure of the house, or use your house as a haven from which to burglarize other houses. You will also need to regularly sanitize the house with expensive virus detectors to keep epidemics from infecting you through the thin walls of the shoddy construction built of materials which aid in keeping a virus alive.

Modern MansionMac OS is a Modern Day Mansion (with a catch)
It’s built from the ground up using the same sturdy foundation as the Victorian Mansion, with a catch!

When you look inside, every room is the exact same and is in pristine condition. The floors are so clean there is a mirror reflection of every item in the house and the lights are positioned perfectly to make everything look just perfect…just the way the builder wanted it, so residents are not allowed to change anything!

Once the builders was finished with the house, the owner had the furniture glued to the floor, the curtains and artwork on the walls cannot be altered, the walls are constructed in such a way that a resident cannot alter or change them because that’s not the way the builder intended the house to look and function. If you don’t like it? Go screw yourself because the builder doesn’t care what you think.

Government housing owners start looking at other options and stumble on the mansion. They are awed by its beauty and blindly follow. Once they get their house, they realize it’s designed for handicapped people. The builder doesn’t allow anyone else to use his design because he already designed everything just the way he wanted it and can’t imagine how anyone could possibly think it should have been done differently. This same builder stole the design from someone else and tried to keep anyone else from doing the same thing.
…but of course, all this is for your own good…you retard.

Pre-fab HomeGnu/Linux is a Handy Person’s Dream House
This house comes in so many different versions that it is often difficult to choose which one is most suitable for the lifestyle of the resident.

The different versions however, are built on a foundation that is rock solid and thoroughly inspected every year by thousands of the best constructors all over the world. Once it’s finished, you rarely have to repair anything and you should never have to tear it down and start over again. Those thousands of constructors continue to take an interest in the house and if they discover any “bugs”, they are quick to eliminate them, Free of charge!

Pre-fab HomeThe house has bullet-proof walls, windows and doors with a security system designed specifically for the resident of the house. Even if a burglar should enter, which is unlikely, the separate rooms of the house are also secured by burglar resistant locks. Without the code to the key to the house, it is extremely difficult to enter without permission. Burglars usually to go Windows houses for ease of entry.

Viruses find it equally difficult to enter through the strongly constructed walls and if they did, they would die quickly as the environment makes it extremely difficult for a virus to survive.

Pre-fab CottageThe house is everything you want, especially if you are handy with your hands. It’s all there for you; the doors, windows, walls and roof, ready to put together. You may assemble it yourself, any way you like, or, you can take one of the “pre-fab” versions and leave it alone. Yet, it is also designed in a way that allows it to be built upon as the needs of the resident change.

Click the Geek for the Linux Geek video (new window)

Click the Geek for the Linux Geek video (new window)

Everyone on the block is envious and wants to know how you could have such a beautiful house FREE! After you explain to them that you built it yourself with the open and free assistance of thousands of constructors world-wide, they leave in disgust and never talk to you again… because you’re one of “them“!

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