Visa, not the credit card kind

Meis-Kastellorizo panoramaOn September 04, I renewed my visa and it was quite an interesting experience.

My resident visa expired on Aug 31 and on that same day we did an official change of address in Kaş. We tried to get the Kaş police to stamp my residence permit that I had changed address but they said we had to go to the immigration authorities which are located just outside of Antalya. So we called them and because I have 48 hours to notify the proper authorities of my address they said I had to come to Antalya so they could stamp my resident visa. So, we go to Antalya only to find out that I no longer have to post an official change of address to them. This is because, for the uncertain future, I will be going to Meis (Kastellorizo) four times a year to renew my tourist visa. Meis is a Greek island less than two kilometers from Turkey, and I no longer need a resident visa. We asked why they did not tell us this over the phone to save us a trip since my wife had informed them that I was going to do the 90 day thing. They said that they always tell people to come to the office!?!

So, we turn around and make a quick trip back to Kaş, go to the travel office, turn in my passport and make a reservation with a Kaş travel agent for the next day on the boat to Meis (Kaştellorizo) Greece. Just to be sure, we called the local port police and the first one we spoke to said that since I was going from a resident visa to a tourist visa I had to go back to the States and apply from there!!! Whoops, wrong answer. So the travel agent called a different cop and he said no problem, and that was the case. I then took a four hour trip to Meis and back and now I’m all proper and legal as a “tourist.”

My wife does not have Schengen visa for the EU, they are a pain in the ass for Turks to get and every time she leaves the country she has to pay 50 USD for the “privilege.”

I took some photos while I was there and posted them on Picasa. On a later visit I posted even more photos, hope you enjoy them.

You can find some interesting information about Kaştellorizo (Meis) from Monika and Damien Mavrothalassitis who own can rent you a room, feed you a meal or give you some interesting background on Kaştellorizo (Meis).

There are only a couple of hundred Meis residents and many of them go to Kaş on Fridays to the bazaar because I was told that Rhodes and Athens send crappy vegetables and fruits to the island. There were a number of obvious residents hanging around the cafes, I should have taken more people shots, I just did not think of it! Duh!

P.S: I did the tourist visa for about 18 months and then the Turkish government drastically lowered the prices for a resident visa and Meis trips are no longer necessary.

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