We lost Fındık today

Fındık April 2007 – 15 April 2014April 2007 – 15 April 2014

We lost Fındık today. He died coming out of surgery when he vomited and aspirated it into his lungs. We are having a hard time dealing with this.

Had he been old and sick, we might have taken it better. He was the healthiest and the most vibrant and free of our four kat kids. When he was ready he would go out into the garden and look around and decide where he would wander to that day. He would usually saunter, tail straight up, down to the locked gate of our two meter fence and casually climb the wire gate, up, over and jump down. He would then be off to investigate the nearby village. Sometimes he would come home and smell like a barnyard cow. Our village neighbours said they often saw him around and our British neighbours said he would come in and walk casually through their house. Another neighbour would sometimes give him scraps from his outdoor barbecue. Sometimes Fındık would spend most of the night out and come wandering into the house near dawn and jump up on me letting me know he was hungry and the food bowl needed attention. He would usually then spend the better part of the morning and early afternoon napping.

Fındık was the most mild-mannered and fearless of us. He was always cheerful and accommodating and would allow us to give him flea and tick treatment and would willingly allow us to remove any ticks if we found them on him. If he came home with the occasional small wound he never complained while we treated him.

Day before yesterday he came home in the evening not acting “right.” He is usually such a good-natured guy but this time he seemed to be complaining about something and when I picked him up he came out with a low growl, a very unusual comment from him. A bit later he threw up and seemed to be better. We thought he might have eaten something bad or even a small poison. We called the vet and he said to observe him overnight and see how he was the next day.

We put him on the balcony overnight with some yogurt, food, water and a poop pan. He licked some of the yogurt but did not take any food or water. He had a difficult night, he was moving around a lot and was obviously uncomfortable. In the morning he was crying again at the balcony doors so I looked at the poop pan. It seemed he had been in and out of the pan but nothing was there. I put him in the pan, he tried to pee but could not. Upon further examination of him, we decided he either had an inability to pee or some pain in his genitals.

We then took him to Kalkan to the vet and the vet diagnosed that he had a kidney stone. He gave him a strong sedative where he went nearly asleep and then the vet tried to get a catheter into his bladder but the urethra was blocked with the stone. The vet then inserted a needle directly into his bladder to relieve his distention and pulled out a bunch of bloody urine, as was expected. The vet said he would keep him overnight, give him an antibiotic and antispasmodic to relax the urethra and hoped Fındık would pass the stone.

This morning the vet called Ayşe and said he would have to do surgery and remove the stone from the bladder side and Ayşe said OK. A couple of hours later he called back and said the surgery was a success and that they would bring Fındık out of his anaesthesia. We were relieved and happy for the poor guy. Within an hour the vet called back and said they had lost him because of the aspiration! We were stunned! The surgery was successful but because of the vomiting he died.

After a couple of hours at home, trying to get ourselves together, we drove a very sad ride to Kalkan to pick up his body. We brought him home and he is now buried in the terrace above our house overlooking the valley. I do not think I have been so upset over the loss of another being as I was that day.

I am amazed at the depth of my feeling of the loss of Fındık. I cannot think about him without tearing up and getting a lump in my throat. Topak, our youngest, has barely moved from a chair in the sun room downstairs for two days now, we think he is mourning him also. I am sure there are people who would find us foolish for having such feelings for a cat, but he was much more than that to us. Fındık was a companion and friend, these qualities are not restricted to humans. I believe our little friends try to teach us so much that we seem unwilling to see or hear even though we do not speak the same language.

Fındık was a truly delightful creature who was kind, warm and gracious to all he encountered. We miss him very much.

Fındık! Dear Fındık…
April 2007 – 15 April 2014
Death shows us its deathless face at unexpected times…
Our little handsome, proud and talkative friend Fındık reached full freedom.
He always was a free spirit. No fence, lock or gate would hold him.
He would come home as he wished, eat, drink, sleep, and then he would get up and go. Murmuring he would tell us the places he went, people he visited, once he was back again… He would go in and out of neighbours houses, telling them stories also. Maybe share a piece of barbecue with them. Sometimes we would know he had been in the neighbours barns visiting their cows, from the smells he would bring on him. When we came home, he would greet us welcome at the street. He would always keep his dignity around, leave the other cats alone, would walk around tail up, proudly. In the mornings when I moved my feet in the bed, he would murmur back, saying I’m here. I would know he arrived home.
Dear Fındık…
You gave us love, you got our love. You gave us happiness. I am sure you were happy too.
You were still very young. You filled up your numbered days quickly.
We already miss you. May your path be serene.

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