Windows XP Support Ends-Install Linux

Microsoft Windows XPThere are a host of articles discussing the end of support for the venerable Windows XP by Microsoft starting April 08, 2014.

As this article End of Windows XP Support Means Added Opportunity for Hackers warns us, Windows XP users “…will no longer receive security updates that can help protect your PC from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software that can steal your personal information.”

XP is “the second-most-used OS in the world, behind Windows 7, and its customers account for more than 18 percent of Internet users” This means trouble…because the hacks that will hit XP users will allow more viruses, malware and spamming than ever before.

An excellent article, one worth reading carefully is Windows XP support ends April 8 (2014): What are your options? The article mentions Zorin Linux “it’s creators tout it as the gateway to Linux for Windows users.”

Which distribution or flavour of Linux to use is a frequently debatable subject with Linux Mint, Ubuntu Linux, and Zorin Linux users zealously guarding their desktops.

What can you do if you are a Windows XP user and do not want to buy a new Windows PC or laptop or a new Mac? You can install Linux.

If you write occasional memos or documents, keep track of household expenses, have a database of your favorite films or music or are writing a book, then the free LibreOffice or OpenOffice Suites will replace Microsoft Office easily and import all their documents. To date I have yet had a Microsoft document I could not open, save or share with Windows users.

If you are still uncertain, browse the article Yes you should replace Windows XP with Linux :“If you have an older computer running XP, Windows 7 or 8 may not run at all or may not run well on that computer. Many “lightweight” Linux distributions run quite nicely on old hardware.”

There are many web browsers for Linux Mint or Ubuntu, email apps are easy to use, or continue to use webmail. Graphics, video editing, games, instant messaging and Skype, are all available on most Linux distributions.

Click the Geek for the Linux Geek video (new window)

Click the Geek for the Linux Geek video (new window)

If you are ready to install Linux then start with the

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Microsoft is like air conditioning, it becomes useless when you open a Window. In a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) world without fences or walls, who needs Windows? Get Linux…

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